Advancing scientific frontiers and solving complex national security challenges

LLNL’s Engagement with DOE Office of Science Programs

Discovery science supports national security, while national security supports discovery science.
Our synergistic approach enables research that addresses Office of Science priorities, while advancing research across the span of national security work at LLNL.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) engages in discovery science to find innovative solutions to the most challenging national security problems, and in turn, our national security work drives the need for deeper answers to fundamental science questions.

Investments from the Department of Energy’s Office of Science are the largest source of external support for fundamental science research at LLNL. We focus these investments on dual-use research that supports discovery science objectives, while also advancing research across the span of programmatic work at LLNL, including nuclear deterrence, homeland security, biosecurity, climate resilience, fusion energy, data science, and predictive modeling enabled by next-generation supercomputing.

These investments—which span all Office of Science programmatic areas—enable us to sustain and enhance the Laboratory’s science and technology core competencies, and to recruit, mentor, and train the next generation of innovators.

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