Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


This project is focused on developing a quantitative physical picture of macromolecular organization and its relationship to function, and using macromolecular organization to derive new functionality. Our efforts are currently organized around three main thrust areas:

  • Bionanoelectronic structures created by templated assembly of lipid bilayers, membrane proteins, biomimetic nanostructures, and curvature-recognizing proteins on one-dimensional nanowire and nanotube templates
  • Artificial light harvesting complexes using virus-DNA origami arrays assembled on 2D chemical templates
  • Assembly of extended 2D macromolecular structures from S-layers tetramers and collagen helices

Photo of Aleksandr Noy

Aleksandr Noy

Principal Investigator for Directed Organization of Functional Materials at Inorganic-Macromolecular Interfaces