Isotope Program at LLNL

The Isotope Program (IP) at LLNL supports the Department of Energy’s mission to remain at the forefront of the development and production of critical radioactive and stable isotopes that are of strategic importance for our nation.

The IP-supported research portfolio at LLNL includes developing new techniques for isotope production, such as our work on radioisotope purification, development of new frameworks for isotope enrichment, and research regarding isotope harvesting at accelerators. In addition, LLNL is a member of DOE’s multi-institution workforce development program in isotope production.

LLNL researcher uses the Hyperion gamma-ray detector.
LLNL’s Hyperion gamma-ray detector helps researchers study the structure of nuclei.

Ron Soltz

Lab Program Coordinator for IP at LLNL

soltz1 [at] (soltz1[at]llnl[dot]gov)